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Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc.

Killingly Historical Center

Killingly Historical Center

* Photo courtesy of Mr. William Olson

196 Main St.
Danielson, CT 06239
Phone: 860-779-7250
For more information e-mail us.
Open: Wednesday and Saturday - 10 to 4

Founded in 1972, the Society's charter is to promote knowledge, interest and research in Killingly and Windham County. The Society administers the Bugbee Memorial building (pictured right). This facility, often referred to as the Killingly Historical Center, includes:


  • Museum of Killingly History
  • Research Library of Biographical Data
  • Family-Research Center of Genealogical and Historical Data

Temple Beth Israel Preservation Society and the Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society are co-sponsoring a program by Martin Silver

Please join us on Sunday, April 19 at 1PM at Temple Beth Israel 39 Killingly Dr., Danielson, CT, the Temple Beth Israel Preservation Society and the Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society are co-sponsoring a program by Martin Silver. Martin will talk about his time as a American volunteer sailor on board the SS Mala. The Mala had been a presidential yacht that held 36 passengers and was refitted and transported 1400 Holocaust survivors from the south of France to the emerging state of Israel.

Reservations are required. A suggested donation of $18 for adults and $10 for students is payable to the TBIPS. Please send donation to Mrs. Rosa Goldblatt 63 Sherwood Ln., Norwich, CT 06360.

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KHGS looking for relatives of antique diary's writer

When a Killingly resident found two leather-bound diaries after cleaning out an attic, he turned them over to the Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society. He thought someone there might be able to locate a relative of the author of those diaries. KHGS President Lynn LaBerge is trying to do just that.

The diaries were written by Mary Iverson Woodward, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Woodward of Danielson. She was born in 1866, just after the end of the Civil War. Her parents owned a drugstore in town.

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Announcements & Updates

40th Anniversary Celebration

In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the society, we are offering an updated version of "Mills Along the Whetstone Brook" by member and past president Richard Adams.  There are new pictures and updated information.  The price of the booklet is $9.99.

Also available are pictures made into postcard size.  Available is trolley in Dayville, first trolley in Danielson, South Killingly store and post office circa late 1880's, Westcott-Wilcox Old People's Home 1904, Day Building corner of Main and Union Sts., Abner Young house Main St., Hill Homestead Rte. 101 East Killingly, Williamsville Company Store circa late 1800's, Woodward's Drug Store corner of Main and Center Sts., Tiffany Mill, S. P. Davis Building, Adams Filling Station, E.H. Jacobs Mfg. Co., Central House, St. James Church, Railroad House/Hutchins Hotel, Kies Tavern, Westfield Congregational Church.  These are available for $.50 each.

These items can be mailed to you with shipping and handling costs added


Moments and Mementos

Member Wayne Magao has his first book in a series of three "Moments and Mementos" available for sale.  Copies are available at the Killingly Historical Center.

CIVIL WAR BOOK - A Great Christmas Gift

1861 – 1865
Letters home from the boys and regiments of Windham County written to the editor of their hometown newspaper, “The Windham County Transcript.” Published 2009

Individual soldiers, newspapermen, chaplains, and others wrote vivid descriptions of life in the ranks and as prisoners of war. This was the human side of the conflict that engaged brother against brother. Only those who had to live through it could describe the highs and lows of life as a soldier—from the boredom between battles, to the exhaustion and hunger when on long marches to the next battlefield, to the exhilaration after a skirmish was won and there was time to rest at last.

This book may be purchased in person at the Killingly Historical Center, 196 Main St. Danielson, CT for $32.00; or by mail: Check for $38.00 (including $6 shipping & handling) made out to the Killingly Historical & Genealogical Society and mailed to P. O. Box 6000, Danielson, CT 06239.

To reserve your copy download this PDF order form and  follow the instructions.

The Plainfield and Killingly historical societies presented a program of readings from the new book “Dear Transcript: Letters from Windham County Soldiers during the Civil War 1861-1865”.

The Windham County Transcript was published from 1848 until 1977 in Danielson when it was purchased by the Norwich Bulletin. J. Q. A. (John Quincy Adams) Stone was Editor during the Civil War era.

Copies of “Dear Transcript...” will be available for sale and Marilyn Labbe, Executive Director of the Killingly Historical Center, who coordinated the book project, will sign copies. Civil War artifacts will be displayed. The public is invited. For information call 860-564-8561 or 860-779-7250.

KILLINGLY Journal On-LineNinth Edition is now online.

Upcoming Events

Historical Photographs For Sale

Photo's for sale. They are about 4 x 6 and 50 cents each. You may contact us through this webpage.

Item                                                 Description                                                  Image         

1 Westcott-Wilcox Old People's Home, Danielson
2 Abner Young House, Main St., Danielson
3 First Trolley in Danielson early 1900's
4 Trolley in Dayville early 1900's
5           Day Building, corner Main & Union Sts., Danielson.                 (now the Trink-et Shoppe)
6 Railroad House, Later Hutchins Hotel, built ca 1832, Danielson
7 S. P. Davis, 1867, Photographic Studio, Furnace St., Danielson
8 E. H. Jacobs Mfg. Co., Est. 1869, School St., Danielson
9 Adams Filling Station, Rt. 12, Attawaugan. 1930's-1940's
10 So. Killingly Store & Post Office late 1880's to early 1900's
11 Hill Homestead, E. Killingly
12           Kies Tavern or Franklin House, built ca 1834/5,                   early stagecoach stop
13 Woodward's Drug Store, ca 1930's, Danielson
14          St. James Catholic Church, Franklin St., Danielson -               Early photo.
15 Tiffany Mill, E. Brooklyn, CT built ca. 1820
16                   Williamsville Company Store, late 1800's,                     (now the village of Rogers)
17 Central House late 1880's, now Danielson Inn
18 Westfield Congregational Church, Danielson
19 Pentacostal Church of the Nazarene dedicated in 1912, Danielson
20 Sayles Block, Main St., Dayville ca 1868-1886
21 Old Day/Barlow House ca 1800, Rt. 6, So. Killingly
22 So. Killingly School House & Congregational Church
23 Hutchins/Warren Tavern, Green Hollow Rd.
24 Col. Wm. Danielson house, built ca 1786, Danielson
25 Evans Block, Danielson ca 1939
26 Killingly Town Meeting House, Killingly Center
27 Davis House/State Police Barracks Rt. 12, Danielson
28 Abner Young Shoe Shop, Mechanic St., Danielson
29                   Cyrus Rood/Daly House, built ca 1730,                        Snake Meadow Rd., So. Killingly
30 Maynard Hill House, North Rd., E. Killingly
31 I. T. Hutchins Tavern, built ca 1800, Danielson
32                  St. James Church & Parochial School,                        Franklin St.   (Old school)
33                                Early Baptist Church,                                  Corner Broad & Academy Sts., Danielson
34                        Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church,                          Corner Water & Cottage Sts., Danielson
35 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church – 1918
36 Early Catholic Church – 1868, Winter St., Danielson
37 St. Ignatius Catholic Church – 1938
38 Early Westfield Church built ca 1797, Danielson
39 Williamsville Congregational Church & School – 1863
40 St. Alban's Episcopal Church ca 1865, Danielson
41 St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Danielson
42                      1st Methodist Church Remodeled 1867,                      Corner Main & Central Streets, Danielson
43 United Methodist Church – 1902, Danielson
44 Attawaugan Methodist Church, Killingly
45 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Danielson
46                       Adventist Christian Chapel – 1866,                       Academy & School Sts., Danielson
47 Temple Beth Israel, Killingly Drive, Danielson
48                           Temple Beth Israel c. 1951-52                               Killingly Drive, Danielson
49                       Original Methodist Church c.1847                          Corner Main & Central Streets, Danielson
50                           Second Congregational Church                               Main Street, Dayville Dedicated 1849