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One of Killingly’s original proprietors, Jabez Allyn, built a home near present day Attawaugan in 1726. It is located on Route 21 in the northern section of the town and was designated by the Celebrate Connecticut 350 committee as the oldest house in Killingly. In those early days this area was known as Aspinock and North Killingly.

One of the meanings of the Native American word “Attawaugan” is “goods for sale” that was appropriate for the busy mill village of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Being located on the Five Mile River, Attawaugan was a favorable site for George Weatherhead’s “Fine Sheeting” factory. The Attawaugan Company constructed its mill on the site of the former Weatherhead mill in 1860. Mule teams carried bricks from the brickyard near Ralph Tracy’s home to build this plant. After several enlargements, Powdrell & Alexander purchased the factory in 1927. There they conducted a curtain-making operation until the early 1950s. In 1953 the mill became the home of the Danielson Curtain Company, a subsidiary of Louis Hand, Inc. of New York City.

Attawaugan was a typical mill village containing some thirty small, two-family mill houses arranged in parallel rows along Mill Road, Church Street, Attawaugan-Ballouville Road, and on Route 12, some dating back to 1865. In 1933 Powdrell & Alexander sold off the housing, many being purchased by the workers who lived in them. There also were a company store, a boarding house for unmarried workers, a school, a church and a social club.

Today Attawaugan boasts a new fire station, a Little League Field, and the ever-popular Golden Greek Restaurant.

As we enter the new millennium, the Attawaugan Mill has been converted to a new purpose, known as “The Crossing,” and housing several smaller businesses.

Staples Northeast distribution facility was built and opened in 1998 along Tracy Road because of its advantageous location near the railroad. In this same area Killingly’s first franchise hotel, Holiday Inn Express, was established in 1999 adjacent to the Laurel House Restaurant just off Exit 94 of Route 395. The hotel is now operated by Comfort Inn and the restaurant is The Gold Eagle at Laurel House.

Just outside the Killingly Industrial Park off Exit 94 is the newest large commercial project, the Lake Road Generating Plant located on Tracy Road.